HIM Strategic Priorities

In 2019, after consultation with community and stakeholders, HIM adopted an ambitious and responsive five-year strategic plan to help define and guide its strategic direction for the next five years. Following numerous conversations with HIM staffboard and collaboration with the community, four main strategic priorities were identified: 

Equity: Strengthen HIM’s capacity to ensure it reflects the communities it engages in ways that promote justice. 

The equity strategic priority focuses on HIM’s work in the justice, equity, diversity and inclusion realm.  We recognize that we have work to do to ensure that the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are not only evident, but practiced, at all levels of the organization. This includes work toward Indigenous reconciliation, solidarity with BIPOC members of our communities, and work to make HIM more inclusive of gender diverse people.

ProgramsEnsure HIM programming is relevant & responsive to the communities that it engages, and is in alignment with its four pillars of health promotion. 

The programs strategic priority focuses on HIM’s work to strengthen its programs. This work includes developing practical tools to measure program impact, ensuring that we incorporate better practices in the areas of program evaluation, and that we work to develop effective means of measuring the impact of our programs and services on the communities we engage with.

Partnerships: Strengthen HIM partnerships to support excellence in achieving its mission. 

The partnerships strategic priority focuses on HIM’s work to recognize and evaluate the diverse depth and breadth of HIM’s relationships with its partners. This includes recognizing collaborative partnerships formed to deliver programs, funding partnerships, and partnerships involving research about our communities. This work includes developing criteria and guidelines that can be used to identify and evaluate meaningful and impactful reciprocal partnerships.

Resources: Optimize HIM’s resource capacity to ensure it is best positioned to meet its mission. 

The resources strategic priority focuses on ensuring that HIM has the resources available to it to effectively meet its mission. This involves assessing our need for human, financial and governance resources, ensuring that we aspire to better practices in every aspect of our resource management, and working to ensure we have effective systems in place to ensure adequate resource capacity.