Health Initiative for Men (HIM) Services in BC Interior region:

Since 2019 HIM has been working with local partners in Kelowna and the Interior region to improve the accessibility and uptake of health services for gay, bi and queer men, and gender diverse people.
In partnership with public health, researchers, policymakers, and our communities, we mobilize the evidence, tools, and leadership so our communities in Kelowna, Kamloops, Penticton, Vernon, Cranbrook, Nelson and beyond have access to the services and programs we deserve.

Physical Health

Whether it’s yoga or dance, HIM’s in person and virtual physical health programs are a fun way to connect with your mind, body and community.  

See upcoming physical health programs and groups

Want to work with us in starting your own physical program or group? 

Sexual Health

HIM and our partners offer HIV and STI testing, PrEP, and other sexual health services throughout the Interior.

Check out all of of these programs and services, as well as this comprehensive list of HIV and STI testing options by sub-region, including our famous PLUS! Testing Events (formerly PRICK!).

HIM is advocating for more sexual health services for gay, bi, queer men and gender diverse communities in the Interior of BC. As HIM’s presence grows, we aim to provide even more robust access to sexual health services, and we recognize that currently, few options exist.

You can always get in touch with our local HIM staff to get connected to local testing options. Call or text 236-688-4153, or emailing wilbur@checkhimout.ca. 

Social Health

As communities of gay, bi queer men and gender diverse folks in the region continue to grow and as pandemic restrictions ease, there will be more and more opportunities to connect with one another.  

HIM’s social programs facilitate these connections through community members like you. Join us at HIM social programs, or work with us on organizing social programs, helping build community and filling up your social calendar! 

Ready to make connections? See upcoming social activities

Want to work with us in starting your own social program or group? 

Mental Health

Access counselling today! The HIM Helps program offers reduced-cost counselling to gay, bi, and queer men as well as gender diverse communities.

Enroll in our counselling program today by filling out this form!

To learn more about counselling call our mental health team at (604)-488-1001 (extension 235) or email counselling@checkhimout.ca 

HIV Self Testing Kits Now Available

Our new program provides free HIV self-test kits by mail to gay, bi, queer men and gender diverse folks anywhere in BC. We request several kits, which are sent in discreet packaging from HIM headquarters.  You can even pick them up at different HIM events. To order them online click here.


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